Animal Revolt!

All animals are equal
But some animals are more equal than others


The Story

Accused of false crimes. Exiled from the place you call home. These were the circumstances when you left everything behind.
Having spent the past year on the run, you now hear of how dystopian your home has become.
The time to run has ended. Your home needs you. Animal Farm needs you.
In Animal Revolt!, you play as Snowball, the revolutionist from the book Animal Farm.
Restore peace and equality to the farm by using your bazooka. Sharpen your mind. Ready your trigger finger. Load animals.
Use the environment wisely, because your enemies are smart enough to do the same.


What sets us apart from the rest

Cute Graphics

Voxel and low polygon models!

Challenging AI

Effectively hunts you down!

Unpredictable Gameplay

Variety of hilarious ammunition effects!

Fast-paced Action

First person shooter experience!

Stages Available

Capture the Flag

Infiltrate the enemy base and steal their WMD!


Escort your bomb to destroy the enemy barn!


Endure the wrath of the enemy pigs and defeat the boss!


Version 1.0

User Guide

System Requirements

CPU Intel Dual Core @ 2.4 GHz
Memory 4 GB
Graphic Card Intel HD Graphics 4000
Disk Space 100 MB
Input Mouse and Keyboard
OS Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.7+, Ubuntu 10.10+
DirectX DX9


How to Play

Movement W, A, S, D
Jump Space
Shoot Left click
Switch camera mode Right click
Reload R
Pick up E
Change ammunition 1, 2, 3, 4 or Scroll wheel
Pause Esc

Steps to win

  1. Pick up wandering animals!
  2. Shoot collected animals!
  3. Stay alive!
  4. Don't die!
  5. Complete objectives!
  6. Don't fail objectives!
  7. Have fun!


Stage 1 Capture the Flag Steal the WMD from the enemy base
Bring it back to your own base
Stage 2 Payload Escort the bomb on the truck from your base to the enemy base
Make sure it survives the trip
The truck will move when you are near it
Stage 3 Survival Survive the onslaught of enemies
Defeat the final boss

About Us
Group 05 - Basement Boys

CS3247 - Game Development

Chan Ao Wei Oswell

Hsu Cheng Hsien Jacky

Kuek Kiang Kuang

Yong Jia Jie


Special Thanks:

Lecturer Dr. Anand Bhojan
Teaching Assistant Ang Yan Sheng Mark
Teaching Assistant Lee Kun Tat